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Koh Samed

Koh Samed: Samed or Samet was named after the Samed Tree or the cajuput tree that grows everywhere on the island. It was declared ‘Khao Laem Ya – Samed Archipelago Maritime National Park’ in 1981. The park encompasses Had Mae Rumpueng-a beach on the coast of Rayong, Khao Laem Ya Mountain and the Samet Archipelago that consists of Koh Samed, Koh Chan, Koh San Chalam, Koh Hin Khao, Koh Kang Kao, Koh Kudee, Koh Kruoy and Koh Plateen. An ecological tour can be conducted through three itineraries on Koh Samed, Koh Kudee and Laem Ya Mountain.

Ao Prao Beach - Koh Samed
Detail: the only bay and biggest in the west of Koh Samed with a sady beach needless to say how beautiful it is at sunset. the only attraction in the west of Koh Samed, very convenient to get to the beach by mini truck from Na Dan Pier. the beach is wide and long good for a walk or doing fun activities.

Saikaew Beach - Koh Samed

Detail: the longest beach on the island with most white and clean sand a lively zone where there are a lot of accommodations including bars and restaurants making the island so colorful that tourists from other beaches usually come visit by mini trucks.

Ao Noina - Koh Samed
Detail: which is located near Had Sai Kaew, has different ambience. It is quieter and therefore more suitable for those looking for a truly relaxing experience on the white, clean sandy beach.

Ao Vongduern - Koh Samed
Detail: most beautiful of all on Koh Samed with a bay that curves inward like a moon crescent when both ends finely bend into each other besides the soft sandy beach where there are a lot of accommodations in different setting at your choice.

Ao Gui - Koh Samed

Detail: Bay a few tourists. Beautiful sandy beaches and not lose the Gulf of rattan. Suitable for splash Share is contracted in the Gulf. Contracted out and the Gulf.

Ao Wai - Koh Samed
Detail: White sandy beaches are long and detailed henna is suitable for splash formation. Accommodation and a restaurant alone.

Ao Pakarang - Koh Samed
Detail: Luxury resort on Koh Samet Luxurious rooms and excellent service of our employees. Most romantic atmosphere. Experience a luxurious and very comfortable.

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